Maximizing Your Business Development:

The Power of Combining Skills and Systems



To be good at anything, you need the right techniques, approaches, processes, and habits to consistently achieve success. The same rules apply to building and growing a great book of business.

Join seasoned business development experts David H. Freeman J.D. and Catherine Alman MacDonagh J.D. as they present personal and firm-wide systems for efficiently and consistently maximizing your client development efforts. This program is for lawyers and marketing/business development professionals who are looking for new and better ways to generate new revenue.

Takeaways from this program include:

  • Understanding the mindset of being an effective business developer.
  • The sales process and the client lifecycle – and what to do at each step.
  • Techniques to start and nurture relationships with potential clients and referral sources.
  • Approaches for staying top-of-mind with your key targets over time.
  • Efficient systems for making client development a consistent habit.
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